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On this site, you will find all the music from the book,
“The Musical Child.”

This is about making music together. You don’t need any professional training. Musicmaking takes place all over the world, in places where there are no music schools! Your baby’s first need is to communicate with you, and her favorite medium is music. This is your first duet. It’s time for us to think about music differently—not only through the lens of classical music training. Music is everywhere: stomping your feet, clapping or whistling is music making!


You can either scan the QR code of each exercise in the book or pick and choose from the activities in each chapter. You and your child are embarking on a marvelous journey that will enrich both of your lives. Enjoy!


The Musical Child

There are few universals in this world, but among them are our love for our children and our love of music.

Music Class

"Humans were making music together long before the first note was written on the first staff, but the practice has largely disappeared from our daily lives. Music has never been so readily available on so many platforms, and yet we are several generations into the false belief that musicking—my preferred term for musical practice—requires arduous training. [...] There is an easy and natural way to include the wonders of music in children’s lives. I know, because I have spent most of my life doing it."

Joan Koenig, Author of The Musical Child

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The Musical Child

The book will be available in July for you to start musically enriching your child's life!